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ABOUT US: My wife, Rosa, and I met in high school and tied the knot in 2005 which makes us (Yes) High school sweet hearts. We now have 2 little girls and enjoy many of the simple thing in life. I've listed a few.

Favorite things to do as a couple? The traditional "Traveling, "Restaurants" & "Movie night".

Favorite things to do as a family? This would have to be going to "LegoLand", playing "Jump on dad", "Run from dad" and "Robot dad".

Favorite foods: Rosa: Cheetos, Salami (straight out of the bag) & Hot wings (mild please). Our girls: Our oldest Samantha: ANYTHING minus veggies. Our youngest Jacqueline: Lots and lots of fruit. Myself: Life without Deep-fried or Baked Sushi is darkness.

Our favorite wedding story to tell is of a bride that drove away at the end of the wedding night with her dress hanging out of the car for 45 minutes and didn't know why the bottom of her dress was so black and dirty until she watched her wedding video.


ABOUT THE BUSINESS: I started the business after editing a wedding video for a friend of the family and thought it was really exciting to see how everything came together. Once others started to encourage me to pursue the wedding industry I quickly realized I was at the start of something great.  After a short time capturing video for weddings we introduced photography and when my wife joined me full-time in the business there was no stopping us.  Fast forward to today, we've had the opportunity to capture over 250 plus weddings and events. We've taken portraits of thousands of clients and are one of the VERY few companies in Bakersfield to be listed as a "Professional Photography Studio of the Kern High School District" and have been a guest speaker at Bakersfield College in Business. More importantly are the many Thank You cards we receive from our clients that we proudly display as you walk in to our studio. This is by far the biggest payoff in all that we do.

Our passion for creative story telling along with the thousands of satisfied clients has provided us the opportunity to live our dream job and share that with others one frame at a time.


Shoot us an email, we'd love to hear your story.


-Joseph & Rosa