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InMotionPro FAQ's

• How long have you been in business?

We started in 2003 as a videography only company then added photography services in 2005. Joseph went full time in 2006 and Rosa in 2009.

• How many wedding have you shot?

At least 250. We kinda don't count anymore :)

• What separates InMotionPro from it's competitors?

Well this is by far my favorite question. Of those who run a storefront business we're actually the ONLY company in Bakersfield that offer both photography and cinematography under one studio and that have more than 10 years of experience working together as a photo/video team. No other company has more years of experience as a photography and cinematography team than ourselves and no other companies delivers both a quality album hand crafted in Italy along with a feature film as well polished as ours. Period. This speaks VOLUMES when you start to think about the idea of having 2 separate companies in charge of capturing your wedding day memories! In the end, we give each and every one of our clients a truly professional photo, cinema product and personal experience that you just don't get anywhere else from any one company.

• How do we get on your wall in your Studio Gallery?

This is the #1 asked question believe it or not and truthfully we don't have an answer other than we honestly don't know, it just has to be that right photo".

• What are the booking requirements?

1/3 of the contract total is required to book your date with us.

• What is an average price range for both Photography and Cinematography services?

I wish we could just tell you a price but that would be beyond inaccurate. The truth is that there are so many additions to factor in such as whether or not you want a Slow-motion video booth, Love story video, Wedding album or how many days you need us for. We've had the opportunity to capture everything from Rehearsals and dinners that follow to some of the most amazing engagement celebrations and of course the big day and more. Even giving you a range can be off by thousands. A great way to get a better idea on pricing is to simply google "How Much Should I Spend On Wedding Videography" or Wedding Photography, etc.

• Do you provide us with all of our wedding images or how does that work?

Yes, our base price includes high resolution images from your wedding as a direct download.

• If we book with InMotionPro, who will be our photographer/cinematographer?

 You'll always get who you're expecting to get. For example if you meet with Joseph or Rosa then you can expect them unless they explain otherwise. This has never been an issue with our company but Yes, we have heard the horror stories.

• Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, after 12 years of shooting weddings we've acquired enough gear to flawlessly shoot your wedding two times that same day.

• Have you shot at my venue before?

If your wedding is taking place in Kern County at a Country Club, Golf Corse or just about any Hall or wedding venue that books weddings regularly in Kern County then chances are we've shot there several times. We've also shot weddings all throughout California including Pismo beach, Newport Beach, Santa Maria, Springville, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

• Can I give you photo samples I found on Pinterest to replicate on my wedding day?

 Sure, we're open to ideas and suggestions anytime.

• How long do you keep my wedding images backed up for?

We hold your wedding images for a period of 12 months starting from the day of your wedding.

• When do you arrive and when do you leave on the day of my wedding?

It depends on your contract however, for most of our weddings we start capturing details, portraits and moments from just before the bride puts on her dress to about 3-4 hours of reception. A normal coverage time for us is around Noon to 10:00pm.

• Do you film the entire ceremony and how long will my video be?

Yes, we film the entire ceremony however, your video will only feature parts of your ceremony and not the entire segment. Depending on what options you chose most of our clients will receive a feature film which is typically 15-25 minutes unless otherwise stated.

• Do you guys provide audio for my wedding ceremony so that my guests can hear us when we do our vows?

Good question. The answer is No, our mics are only delivering a signal to our equipment.  You will want to contact either the DJ or venue for details on this topic.

• How long until I get my pictures, video?

You can expect to get your wedding images within approximately 3 weeks and your engagement portraits in about 2 weeks. Your album (if included) will be a few months. Your video is typically 12+ weeks and your wedding highlight, if any, will be online much sooner.